Which colour of the car suits to you according to vedic astrology

Vedic astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology. It evolved  over 5000 years ago  today Vedic astrology is acknowledge as one of the most powerful forms of astrology in practice & followed by millions around the world. Vedic astrology’s primary focus is on predicting cycles & events of the future. Vedic astrology based on the Vedas the original scripture of India & perhaps, of all Indo-European societies. Another name for Vedic astrology is “jyotish shastra”, which are Sanskrit words meaning the science of light the purpose of Vedic astrology is to shed light on that which cannot be seen. In the present moment one may see or know everything that one needs to know, but past & future can only be known with the help of jyotish shastra. Vedic astrology recognizes the validity of four aims of life & one of its primary purposes is to help people to attain each of them.


The origin of horoscope  dates back 3000 years in Babylonia as that such studies are teased on different charts & diagrams that depicted the sun, moon & positions of the planets according to the day , time  & place of birth . It is a great guide as it tells us how our day, week, month or years improve. Horoscopes are easy to avail these days are available almost everywhere.

A good horoscope can make a comprehensive prediction that relates to our communications, love, relationships, career, happiness etc. It can also talk about our strengths & weakness & therefore, help us overcome them to live a life that measure up to our full potential. In ancient Vedic literature the horoscope & the zodiac are often called “The Kala Chakra” or “Wheel of time”.

It’s like your astrology chart is a clock that shows which colour of the car suits to you according to the timing of your life.But, instead of 3 hands (indicating second, minutes& hour). It’s gotten – made up of your rising sign, sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn & rahu & ketu. The moon in your chart refers to the mind &will depict how you feel about things in your life.  The moon represents intelligence & emotions. To read the description of the sign of your moon is in will give a general idea how to relate to the world based on your interpretation through how you feel. It may not be how others see you but it is your experience through your feelings.

The sun refers your physical body, stamina & ego. Vedic astrology is a lunar based system. In India is based on the nakshatras. Each month is named after the nakshatra the full moon occurs in for that month. There are references to the nakshatras in the Rig Veda. There are 27 nakshatras divided into 13 degrees 20 minute portion of the zodiac. Actually all the planets in your chart fall in a portion of the sky that is in a nakshatra & has specific meaning in your life, but the moon’s nakshatra is the most important.

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